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sunfire_ii's Journal

Mariko Yashida // Sunfire
15 February
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i can fly so high

@} Name: Mariko Yashida
@} Alias: Sunfire
@} Age: 20 22
@} Height: 5'6
@} Weight: 125lbs
@} Eyes: Brown
@} Hair: Black
@} Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
@} Affiliations: X-Men, Exiles
@} Powers: Ability to absorb sunlight, spitting it out in the form of superheated plasma which then bursts into flame when it hits the air. She can also refine the outbursts to those of just heat with no actual fire to them. Mariko also has the ability to fly by surrounding herself with fire and pushing the flames down, like a jet engine, at about 100mph. She can see heat waves and give herself "infa-red" sight, and is immune to extreme heat and radiation.
@} Known Relatives: Mother, Father (estranged)
@} Arrived: March 16, 2009 October 10, 2011