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Mariko Yashida // Sunfire
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Mariko Yashida // Sunfire [userpic]

NAME: Zully Quirke
AGE: 27
JOURNAL: zully
IM: AIM: allsshiny; Gchat: zullyquirke@gmail.com
E-MAIL: zullyquirke@gmail.com
RETURNING: I played several characters a few years ago, but none now.

CHARACTER NAME: Mariko Yashida / Sunfire
FANDOM: Marvel (Earth-2109). Exiles.
CHRONOLOGY: Her death. In issue #37 their team leader goes psycho and ends up destroying a building when a blast aimed at Mariko is dodged. She goes to try and keep the building from collapsing, saving the people there, but isn't able to keep the entire building from falling. It falls atop her, and she's killed instantly.
CLASS: Hero. She'll keep her dog tags. This isn't her first rodeo; Exiles is all about getting sucked into strange worlds.

ALTER EGO: Mariko Yashida

Mariko comes from an alternate X-Men past, referred to as Earth-2109. In her timeline she was raised by two rich, strict parents in her native country of Japan. They demanded the best of her; straight A's in all her subjects, learning instruments such as the piano and violin. At the age of thirteen she discovered she was a lesbian when she got a crush on a friend of hers. Thinking she felt the same way, she told her and was rejected. Her parents found out and forced her to repress herself, pretend she was straight like everyone else, causing Mariko to grow increasingly more rebellious. When her powers manifested a few years later, her parents were convinced she was cursed. Unable to take it any longer, she used her powers to run away, flying from Japan to America where she was found and recruited by Xavier. Eventually she became a member of the X-men, fighting under the name "Sunfire." Her parents later saw her on television and legally disowned her.

She's pulled from her timeline by the Timebroker, which is where she starts in the Exiles story. The Timebroker literally just blips them out of their timeline, and the next thing they know they're standing in front of him-- usually in what looks like a desolate, abandoned landscape-- and told why they've been brought there. She is told that something has gone wrong in her reality, and time has somehow become unhinged. She must travel through time to different alternate realities with her other teammates to correct these rifts, and in doing this her own would be corrected. In her reality her powers changed. Instead of producing fire, she produced an uncontrollable amount of radiation which would destroy everyone and everything in her world.

Her arrival came directly after the first death in their team as she was to be his "replacement." One of her team members, Morph, was the first to make her feel welcome there. He continued to help her see the lighter side of events and the two struck up a close friendship. Eventually Morph's feelings became more than platonic, and Mariko hit a bump in the road as she didn't want to injure the feelings of her friend but was still somewhat in the closet. Eventually somewhat reluctantly informs him that she's gay, and he takes it surprisingly well. The two continue a very strong, very close relationship throughout the time they're together.

During one of their missions, they landed in a reality where the Legacy Virus had taken over. During their brief stay there Mariko made a rather quick connection with that universes Spiderwoman -- Mary Jane Watson. Knowing that she wasn't likely to be there very long neither of them let it develop into anything terribly serious.

Through a fluke where the team members were separated, she found herself there again not much later with teammate Nocturne. During the six weeks they were there, she struck up a genuine relationship with MJ. Nocturne pulled her aside at one point when she thought her friend and teammate was in danger of actually being in love -- knowing they had to separate and couldn't stay in this world forever -- and Mariko reacted angrily. MJ overheard, and the two discussed it and decided to stay together anyway. Shortly after this revelation, they were both removed from the Legacy Virus world and taken back to their teammates.

It is discovered that fellow teammate Mimic was on a planet inhabited by the Brood for six months during their separation, and not long after their reunion it is discovered that he had brood eggs planted in him during this time, transforming him into one of them. While his teammates (aided by the Fantastic 4) try to subdue him, he shoots at Mariko and misses, hitting a building behind her instead. The building begins to collapse, and Mariko attempts to hold it up long enough for them to escape. It falls on top of her, and she suffocates. Morph finds her body, and later she is taken back to the world with Spiderwoman where her body's ashes are laid to rest.

Mariko is a girl with a pretty average temperament. She isn't overly violent or overly passive. She'll stand up for herself when it needs doing, but she's not overly confrontational except with a few choice hot button issues-- namely if anyone attempts to get between her and a lover she's grown particularly attached to, thought that's still somewhat reasonable.

She doesn't like to talk about her family, but other than that she's pretty amiable and easy to talk to. As she got along fairly well with Morph, it's understood that she has a good sense of humor. She prefers to look at the lighter side of life and very much enjoys "goofing around," though not quite to the same extent as her teammate.

Though it should be said that due to her jumping around in time, she's going to be somewhat distrustful of anyone she meets, even anyone that might otherwise know her. Short of her own teammates, she's never certain of what reality she's in. Whether someone who was an ally at one point will be one in this reality. The first mission the Exiles were sent on involved them saving Xavier from prison, trusting him to be the good Xavier they all knew as X-Men. It turned out that he was a homicidal psychopath bent on destroying human life, and many died as a result of their actions. Mariko wasn't on the team at the time, but she heard the story and remembered the lesson well.

Mariko has the ability to absorb sunlight, spitting it out in the form of superheated plasma which then bursts into flame when it hits the air. Basically plasma-powered fireballs drained directly from the sun. She can also refine the outbursts to those of just heat with no actual fire to them. Mariko also has the ability to fly by surrounding herself with fire and pushing the flames down, like a jet engine, at about 100mph. She can see heat waves and give herself "infa-red" sight, and is immune to extreme heat and radiation.

COMMUNITY POST (FIRST PERSON) SAMPLE: I'd complain about how crappy this City seems to be, but considering the alternative seems to be death, I think I'll try to count my blessings here.

Though I do feel bad for worrying everyone else on the team, especially Morph and Nocturne.... I guess they could be around here too, though. Time seems to be a pretty woogy kinda thing, doesn't it? Here we're all thought it's this steady constant, and then wham!! Craziness. Thought the Timebroker was the only guy who could mess with it like this, but I guess not.

But hey, at least I get a place to myself for the first time in.. what, months?

So! Any familiar faces around here? Sorry if I don't recognize you right off. Or, you know, recognize which of you you are. Do you have any idea how many Wolverines I've run into? How many timelines does that guy need to live in anyway?

LOGS POST (THIRD PERSON) SAMPLE: That last mission had taken it's toll on all of them, but Mariko in particular had used a little more juice than she'd planned on. But what could she say? Some old, half-toasty vampire trying to bite her and turn her into one of his legion of undead blood suckers had her a little cranky. And hey, it's not like she's the one who made vampires susceptible to sunlight.

Or happened to give her a mutant power that let her radiate it.

She rubbed at her eyelids tiredly as she made her way down to what had been assigned as "her room" for the night, one of the first times since traveling she hadn't had to share, or sleep outside. Or just not sleep. As much as she loved her friends sometimes she just needed a little space. She was tired about hearing about all their friends, their love lives, their family back home-- not that they knew what sore spot all those things were for her, so she wasn't angry at them. She didn't blame them for wanting to talk excitedly about the things that made them happy. They just had a tenancy to, on occasion, make her feel.. lonely.

Maybe that's why she enjoyed Morph's company so much. He never talked about any of those things, but always seemed upbeat anyway. Always made her smile, even when she didn't think she was in the mood to. He was a good friend. There were times she wished she was straight. If she was, Morph was probably the kind of guy she would've loved to be with. But she couldn't change who she was any more than Morph would.

One day they'd both find a timeline where they could get old and fat and happy together, she thought with a smile. Her and all her friends.

It was a nice thought at least, and one that added an extra skip to her step as she headed for the shower. Vampire goo took quite a bit of scrubbing to get out, after all.

She's been here before! But it's been awhile, so I'm not sure if there's anyone here she'd recognize. Or rather, anyone here that was here when she was last here. Not to mention the city's changed enough to have it not be that much of an advantage for her. XD

Mariko Yashida // Sunfire [userpic]

This is Mariko! I'm probably busy doing a million things, so leave a message and I'll get back to you when I remember what free time means!

Mariko Yashida // Sunfire [userpic]

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